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We Made a Decision to Keep Fighting…

In July of 2019, pole dance hashtags used by professional and hobby pole dancers were suddenly banned and blocked on Instagram. Hundreds of thousands of people world wide lost access to their huge online training library of moves (millions of posts were hidden). Dancers were unable to connect and share. The pole dance  fitness community was up in arms. The stripper community’s response was ‘I told you so’. It sparked a larger conversation about these two communities finally coming together after two decades of tension. Strippers and pole dancers worked together to fight back against the discrimination of banned hashtags for content that did not break Instagram’s community guidelines policies, and the shadowbanning, deletion and blocking of dancer accounts. 18,000 people signed a petition asking Instagram to reinstate the blocked hashtags. A spokesman from Facebook/Instagram apologized to the #poledancersofinstagram, and many of the hashtags were quickly restored.


But the banning, blocking, deleting didn’t stop. And a few weeks later the situation was back to being as bad as before.


We started to notice discrimination everywhere. It wasn’t just pole dancers. All kinds of self-expressed women, trans people, LGBTQIA folk, yogis, artists, photographers, the BBW community, feminists, disability activists, body-positive, sex and birth educators, fitness professionals had been reporting problems. We were not alone. It has been going on for years and it was getting worse. 


A core group of us realized this is a human issue, not a pole dance issue. And we are stronger together. Since then we have worked hard to link up with allies, combine efforts and organize a movement. One in which we WILL be seen.

The time is now…

A larger, global and human conversation needs to be had.  The human race is being mistreated all over the world in one way or another by those in power.  By those abusing their privilege and having little to no care for others. We believe that committing to creating a space on the internet where all human beings can be seen, can make a difference in how these people are treated in everyday life.  


We want to know, why is it okay to see people killing each other, but the body in its natural form is banned?  Why is it okay to see one set of couples love each other but not another? Why is it okay to show female celebrities nude but not your average woman?  We are determined for our message to be heard. It’s simple…


Let us be seen.  Let us have the same space as everyone else.  Social media, take responsibility with the power you have.  You have the capacity to make a difference in how the human race treats each other.  What will you do to make the world a better place?

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