Stories of discrimination…

Here are stories of discrimination written by and provided to us by our allies. It’s important to see how social media giants are hiding, banning, blocking and deleting different types of human beings. It’s scary – it feels like a dark cloud looming. The international internet once felt like a new world, one in which people deemed different could find their tribe, and express their truth freely. Now, slowly but surely people who are different are being deleted and hidden by social media companies. Social media imitates life and life imitates social media. This is the age in which we live. Social media has a very important and connective word in it – SOCIAL. Being social is how we connect and converse. How we live with and learn from each other. How we find our place in the world. If we are being taught that those who are ‘different’ and ‘not typical’ should be deleted, what message does that send our youth? Read on to learn about who and what social media doesn’t want you to see.

It Has Absolutely Gotten Worse on Instagram Through the Years
Strippers and Sex Workers are Being Silenced and Deleted
The Passing of FOSTA/SESTA Has Affected Social Media
“The Shadowban in Itself is Open to Subversion” ~ Donald Semken
Posting About How to Stay Away From Dangerous Males is Forbidden
“It Felt Like Instagram Was Trying to Silence Me for Being Me” ~ Ady Del Valle
It Feels Uncomfortable, Silencing and Makes it Hard to Breathe – Gypsy_Ayria
“Large, Femme or Queer bodies Not Welcome” says Boz the Bold
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