My name is Ady Del Valle @_adydelvalle. I’m a plus size model, I’ve been doing this for 4+ years. I’m on Instagram for inspiring purposes, but it’s also where I promote my industry work. And a platform to reach people who can relate to me and or can get some inspiration or motivation. 

I love sharing positive posts, like Body Positive posts or new model work. I want people to see that no matter their size or what they look like, nothing is impossible. 

My old account under the name: adydelvalle_ was disabled this past summer. It was tough because it was a time when I had a lot of work promotion and opportunities to share – but also what bothers me is that it was a platform many used for inspiration and motivation, a safe space for so many that was taken down. It felt like Instagram was trying to silence me for being me. 

I’ve appealed endlessly for months and nothing has happened, even went to media like Rolling Stone, I -D and Plus model Magazine to speak my truth and get help. 

I feel that Corporates wants to control and silence marginalized Bodies and people they don’t agree with or find offensive because we are different and choose to be ourselves. Also the issue is it has becomes biased to people who are shaped differently, who identify differently- and Queer people and POC seem to be a trend in their targeting in the last year. 

I’m sure does the passing of FOSTA/SESTA has affected social media – but they are not doing it the correct way because now the system targets anyone and innocent profiles for no apparent reason that do not break guidelines at all. 

I feel like if they keep silencing artists, creatives and businesses exploring sexuality it [Instagram] might slowly wither away, since it has become a constant issue – and if your work and body is being monitored for no reason, then people will find other outlets that cater to us. 

Sometimes I do self-censor – but it sucks because I shouldn’t have to limit myself for being me. Sometimes it could be the simplest of posts and I have to think about it because I know My body is different. 

It can affect me – depends if it’s a project or model work that may require promotion or sharing. 

I don’t think all human bodies are treated the same on Instagram. No, if you have abs or a toned athletic body your profile is safe. If you are fat, plus sized, Queer and a POC you are silenced and removed. It’s the facts – and the trend everyone sees happening.

The algorithm Instagram uses reflects biases. It doesn’t filter correctly it assumes too much that isn’t, in my case my body could be mistaken for a women’s because of my chest. 

Instagram: just go back to the beginning and back to basics. Instagram was working just fine until they decided they wanted to control people and what they post. They shouldn’t shadowban peoples posts so no one can see them. 

Thank you, Ady Del Valle’


Ady Del Valle @_adydelvalle


Cody Guilfoyle @codyguilfoyle