I am Angela @thestripteaseagency, I have worked as a stripper since 2011. Now I’m an agent, a stripper and a world traveler. I have been on Instagram since it started many years ago. The platform itself is uplifting and motivational. It’s  a great space for small businesses like mine to reach a very niche audience, my tribe.  I use Instagram to run my business.

My followers like my page because of the many opportunities it provides them. 

I share news about clubs and important information for those who are in the industry. 

I’m unfortunately extremely limited in what I can post, My self-censorship is so very high, I can’t be the person that I wish on my platform or post the messages that I would like to. Even if I’m not posting pictures of sexy women, I still get posts taken down. Posting about how to stay away from dangerous males is forbidden. Debate and education about men’s violence against women is not allowed…

I got shadowbanned for the first time two years ago. I had to delete all my tags, as any account using specific stripper tags will be shadowbanned. I also decided to make my account private and only accept certain followers and I stopped using hashtags completely. Everything to stay under the radar. 

This was about the same time as Instagram shadowbanned the  hashtag ‘woman’! 

The message Instagram are giving you the world is that more than half of their users are against community guidelines because they are born with a Pussy!

Oh, the stripper community are losing so many great accounts every day. 

Posting About How to Stay Away From Dangerous Males is Forbidden

I use an app to see who’s following me and around 10-20% of my followers that are unfollowing me do so because their accounts get deleted. 

Yes, I did spend some time counting and making sure those numbers are true. Now, all my followers are women and almost all are women in some kind of sex work and well, Instagram hates us and they want to make us vanish from social media…

Social media has moved forward really quickly and all of the western social media is owned by American dudes with a very small box they want to put humans in. They seems to have some Christian values from the 1920s where humans are not allowed to exercise the right to express themselves freely. 

Also, one part of this story is not spoken about – I’m not sure how Instagram is cleaning up their feed. Many internet companies are using very poor workers in countries like the Philippines to manually look at all these horrific pictures on the platform that never reaches our eyes – and some sexy pictures of course.

As I understand it, these people are being tortured seeing content no human should see, and they are spending all their working times looking at all this. These workers are also a very conservative and religious so their values do reflect in what material they delete or let pass.

So – if you are spending all your working time looking at this horrific horror, a click and the deleting of an sexy Instagram account must be absolutely nothing for that person.

The first time I noticed that the #Woman was banned was in April 2018 and the FOSTA/SESTA bill was passed.

So, yes I do see a connection there. Also I think FOSTA and SESTA are more a law to censor the American Internet than a law to protect trafficking victims. 

They just put a “nice” package around their true intentions to cover them up. 

That law was one of the first steps by the American government to censor the American social media that now is the most used communication channel in our western society…

Very scary! Not even renaissance art was this censored…

I think sex workers that want to use social media successfully must self-censor themselves a lot. They can’t believe that they will get away with posting nudes or provocative pictures. They will have to conform on this platform and use other platforms to truly express themselves.

Female/femme/non-binary vs male bodies are not treated the same. Instagram is a super sexist platform that govern women but not men. 

For Instagram to become the good platform like it once was, they need to stop being Patriarchal assholes and start treating women and men equally. Actually, they need to start treating everyone like they treat white cis-males.

Let’s think about that – white cis-males are not their main users; we women, girls, gays, non-binary and all the spectrum of the rainbow are the people that make this platform so fantastic. 

Yet still they see us like the enemy!

When the most powerful communication company in the world is shadowbaning women, and ensuring that we must censor ourselves to be seen online,  then we have a new and huge democracy problem, the patriarchy built into the algorithm. 

@thestripteaseagency 2019