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AM Davies – Director of United Pole Artists

AM is a director of #everyBODYvisible and is also the webmaster.  She is available for on-camera, radio and other types of interviews.  AM represents the sex worker and stripper communities.  

Makeda Smith – PR Strategist

Makeda is our press queen.  She is the one that let’s the world know what actions we need to take and when to take them.  

Athina – Pole Instructor and Competitor

Athina had a heavy hand with our social media accounts during our October 2019 protest. She represents the POC community.  

Lori Glaza – Blogger/Researcher

Elizabeth Blanchard – Pole Fitness Instructor 

Rachel Osborne – Dancer/Activist

Rachel is a director of #everyBODYvisible and runs the EBV social media.  She also collects the stories that are visible on our website.  

Phil Earley – Owner and Operator of DopeMinds LLC

Phil made our beautiful logo and represents the LGBTQ community throughout our efforts. 

Carolina – Freelancer & Blogger

Carolina has done a massive amount of work with the media.  She has been interviewed several times and was a part of an early 2020 protest outside of Instagram’s headquarters in London, England. 

Nikki St.John – Founder of Pole Dance Nation

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