Why this movement?

When our bodies, our selves, our passions, our work, our lives are hidden or deleted because they 

‘may not meet community guidelines’

we are shamed and silenced. 

Being different gets you banished?

This message is dangerous to our youth. 

We are challenging it, together.


Take Action!

There is always something new to do.

From organizing protests to sharing content online.

Click through to learn about what the current

action to take is!


We Want Change

What is at stake here? Millions of people losing access to their role models. Millions of people being discriminated against online. After all the fights we have gone through to be treated with equality, Social Media giants are now oppressing us digitally. Our movement includes artists, photographers, athletes, dancers, yogis, entertainers, strippers, sex workers, the LGBTQIA community, the BBW community, feminists, disability activists, body-positive, sex and birth educators, fitness professionals and many more .